Beautifully Broken 

Whoa! What an emotional roller coaster Beautifully Broken by Laura Lee was. Bring out the box of tissues. I was truly on the fence about as I read the description of a Teacher and student relationship. However I told myself that I will read this book with a open mind and allow Beautifully Broken flow through me and write an honest review.
Beautifully Broken was tastefully written as I read the journey, obstacles and growth of Kat Kennedy. This book touched on real life issues and subjects that would make your heart leap out of your chest and cry for Kat. I felt a bond with Kat and no matter how the relationship with Gavin, her teacher developed I prayed for an HEA. Sorry, no spoilers here!!.Beautifully Broken brings out hope, love, hurt, sacrifices, passion and growth, yes growth. Laura made you feel as if you were walking with Kat taking every step, understanding the choices she made and you felt it through every being in your body. If you are on the fence as I was about reading Beautifully Broken, don’t it is worth the read. Find Beautifully Broken on Amazon available Tuesday 11/15/16.


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