My thoughts as I finished Incarcerated. Why in the hell hadn’t I got my hands on this treasure when it debuted in 2014?. But now that I have it I will spreading the word. Not often I read about and inmate that is smoking hot, a racist who falls for the ever so introvert who happens to be African American. I wondered how could Inger pull this off and pair these two broken souls together?. In other words “what was she thinking!.” Boy, was I blown away and captivated by Logan and Katie story and fell deeper in abyss that is Logan and Katie with every letter. 

“You want me to change overnight, Katie, and I’m telling you right now that it’s not going to happen. You’re asking me to forget years of abuse in a matter of days.” 

― Inger Iversen, Incarcerated 
Incarcerated was well written. Inger kept these characters and events close to reality that I forgot it’s a fictional story that attacked real issues of interracial couples, prejudices, rich, poor and diversity head on and kept Logan and Katie real. It is no doubt that this book is 5 stars, heck I would give Incarcerated all the stars in the sky if I could. I absolutely recommend this book and even though the story is about an interracial couple the real story, a love story about a woman and a man that will face and overcome adversity. Bravo Inger. 


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