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Hello all. I’m Woodie with Woodie’s Book Addiction blog. So here is a little something about me. Did I mention this is totally awkward? Well here we go. I was part of a amazing blogger trio est. late 2012 through early 2015 but like all good things our blog ran its course. Though I miss our blog dearly I never lost the passion for reading and reviewing books. It is nothing like getting lost in story such as a paranormal romance, dark romance, erotica, EROTICA! and new adult are my favorites tales to read and review but I am not opposed to dipping my toes into reading something new.

My motto for reviewing books are short and sweet. I truly believe we can say much about a book without giving any of the juicy bits away even though I may want to carry on and on. I look forward to discovering some amazing material, meeting new people and connecting with you all.


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